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Promotional Art for 3D Content Creators
If you've found your way to this page, chances are that you're a 3D content creator for the Poser and DAZ Studio markets who is looking for a skilled set of hands and a fresh set of eyes to help you put your product pages together.
Look no further! That is what promo artists are made for!
Promo artists (short for "promotional artists") specialize in creating artwork that showcases the best that your products can be whether they're poses, models, textures, environments, or even original, all-new figures ready to burst onto the scene. Sometimes the best thing in the world can be a second set of eyes that looks at your products with a fresh perspective, seeing them in an all-new way and then using that artistic vision to bring them to life!

From Syyd Raven, co-owner of RuntimeDNA:
      "Nightsong is our "go to" promotional artist for creation of all our large campaign advertisements. An example of her work was the entire Runtime DNA Annual sale campaign which was split into two components: "The End of Days" depicting an work of a dramatic and apocalyptic nature - and - "A Silent Night" our Christmas/Holiday campaign. Mary is able to intuit artistic direction very quickly, and with very few changes. Her work is exemplary. Combined with her ability to conceive and produce top quality 3D artwork, she is unparalleled."

If you'd like me to help you out with your artwork for the RuntimeDNA store, I have two sets of packages that I can offer you.
Main Image Package -- $100
This package consists of a main, promotional image for your product page. This image will be offered in two formats:
  • One web-optimized JPG image all ready and prepared for you to post on your product page, and
  • One high-resolution, oversized PNG that you can resize and crop, yourself, for your product page. This image may also be submitted as a RAW Render to the RuntimeDNA administrators for use in any promotions. Although I cannot promise that your product will be featured in the newsletter or front page, it will certainly be of high enough quality that it -can- be.
Full Product Package -- $250
This package is the more extensive of the two and consists of:
  • One main, high-resolution product image.
  • 5-7 secondary images and technical renders such as front/back views of models, texture options, different poses being offered, or examples of morphs that are included. These are non-artistic renders that showcase the functionality of your product.
Each of the images in this package will be offered in the formats described above, a web-optimized JPG file for immediate use and a full-resolution PNG file that you can resize or crop as needed.

It is requested that any payment for promotional images is either provided up front, or else arranged directly through the RuntimeDNA administrators. Unfortunately, experience has taught me not to accept other methods of payment. If you have any questions about, or would like to discuss these payment terms with me, please feel free to contact me via RDNA Private Message at the link, below.
Any images that I create for you are ones that I retain the copyright for, but you have the rights to use them for promotional purposes on your product page, the forums or galleries where you would like to showcase your product, and to submit it to the RuntimeDNA administrators so that they can use it for advertising and promotional purposes. All I ask is that you do not claim that you made the artwork yourself. You do not have to credit me, but it is -always- much appreciated.
Now, if after all that scary legal and official jargon you're still of a mind to hire me as your promo artist, send me a Private Message at the RuntimeDNA forums with any information about the spiffy new products that you'd like my help in releasing to the RDNA marketplace!!!! You can also contact me there if you have any questions at all. Don't forget, you'll need to log into the website to reach me!
Thank you for visiting my pages and good luck with your upcoming release!!!!

PS: If I have ever created promotional artwork for you in the past, for a brokerage other than RuntimeDNA, then I will continue to do so when your schedule and mine permits. I won't leave you in the dark! Drop me a note any time that you want to talk promo art.

All information and work on this site is copyright to Mary Williams, unless specified otherwise.
Please do not copy anything or post it on other sites without the written permission of the author.
Thank you!

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