About the Artist
Environment Modeling
Inside Zimri's Observatory
Software: Modo, Photoshop, Genetica, & Unreal Development Kit
Platform: Unreal
Class/Project/Team: Game Production Team
When Created: Spring 2012
This environment was the byproduct of a team-based senior class project in Spring 2012 while I attended the Art Institute of Pittbsurgh, Online Division. In this class, we were given a storyline and told to organize ourself into a team so that we may build a game level centered around one of the plot points. And so we broke up into the roles of art, design, production, and systems. My role was that of environment modeling.

Taking my cues from the design documents produced by my teammates, I constructed this environment from top to bottom, complete with working Matinee skylights that opened upon completion of the level (according to the story, this allowed the main character to descape). It was my first time using Modo to create an environment, my first time using Modo to import assets into Unreal, and my first time seriously using Genetica to create textures tailored for a specific project. Everything worked together perfectly. Once I understood the basics of how to integrate each tool, I set up a fast paced workflow for building, texturing, and importing Modo models into Unreal, and then setting them up in Unreal to function as parts of the environment.

Since the project was not completed in the timeline given to our group in class, I later worked on fleshing the environment out further with such elements as particle fire and additional environment models. I would very much like to see this environment worked on further or, even better, the opportunity to work on more environments like these! I learned so much, in so little time, while working on this project, that everything I have worked on since has benefitted.
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