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Environment Modeling
The Backyard: Night and Day
Software: 3D Studio Max
Platform: Undefined
Class/Project/Team: 3D Modeling & Animation II
When Created: Winter 2009
In the Winter quarter at the dawn of 2009, we began modeling in earnest. In my second modeling class at the Art Institute, we were given task after task in which to model environments, use triggers for animation, set up basic rigging, and constrain animated objects upon paths. Although many of the models were provided to us, many others yet we had to create on our own, and this environment was the byproduct of one such project.

For our final in this class, we were tasked with creating an environment that accomplished a number of things. One, it had to be a fully-fledged real environment showing a backyard. Two, we had to animate the sun and sky so that it realistically transitioned from night to day. Three, we had to animate a snake slithering across the backyard. Four, we had to animate an object being thrown at the snake and scaring it off. Such a series of daring endeavors for our second modeling class ever!

As would become my tradition when working on environments (although I didn't know that yet) I started with focusing on creating a clear, believable environment. I used wood and grass textures included with 3DSMax and looked up how to place a tree in the scene. The animation aspects were less straightforward but, with all of the practice that we had been getting, were not completely impossible. To add a little spice to the animation, I animated the camera, too!
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