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Sam's Storm: Adventure Through the Raindrops
Software: Photoshop, Flash
Platform: Flash
Class/Project/Team: Interactive Game Prototyping
When Created: Spring 2011
This is a fairly straightforward platform-style game, which I created in Spring 2011. The arrow keys are used to move and the space-bar is used to jump, which allows the small beetle, Sam, a way to defend himself as the player guides him on the harrowing route home before dark.

Although this game has four levels, the background consists of a single, scrolling image that gradually transitions from a soft green afternoon to chilly blue night. There are healing butterflies that may be found along the way, and they will be needed as Sam encounters numerous dangers: the black bettles will damage Sam, the raindrops will similarly hurt him, and a puddle of water at the bottom of each screen will instantly kill him. Water is your enemy! Should Sam become damaged by beetles or rain, he will blink for several seconds and be invincible, thereby allowing him time to get away from danger!

Gathering coins will improve your score, but your score is not recoded permanently and it will not display at all if you have not collected at least one coin.

Download the design guide and game manual here! | Download the paper prototype here!
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