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Flash Games
Bella Donna: The Lost Apothecary's Daughter
Software: Photoshop, Poser, Vue, Flash
Platform: Flash
Class/Project/Team: 3D Scripting
When Created: Fall 2011
When we were asked, in Fall 2011, to create a unique Flash game for school, I challenged myself to create something that I had utterly no idea how to make: a matching game. None of my textbooks nor course materials had covered, up to this point, how to create a game like this one so I knew that making one would be a true adventure to learn from!

The entire story premise for this game was based upon an image that I made for the RuntimeDNA Challenge a bare week before this class began. Based upon the theme of "Virtues and Sins" this image showed a young girl that looked sweet and innocent but was actually a ghost, a haunted soul that lured unwary travelers to their death. In the game, the player is challenged to clear out cluttered areas by "matching" items, thus revealing clues that the victims of the ghost left behind. This allows the player to track the trail of the ghost. As the player gets closer and closer to the ghost, they are also tasked with locating the one thing that can vanquish her: an ornate talisman comprised of a dreamcatcher, which will trap her inside.

Although this game did not turn out nearly as complex as I had wanted it to in the all-too-short duration of this particular class, it is nonetheless a game that I would love to return to working on and see it truly completed.
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